Experience, innovation, results

Each of ESG’s companies brings with them field-proven capabilities to meet the engineering needs of utilities and industrial companies. This background of skills has been acquired through more than 60 years of combined experience delivering successful projects for our clients in Alaska, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest and the South Pacific.

Engineered Solutions Group understands that every company we serve has different needs; one solution does not fit every situation. That’s why we are constantly expanding and improving our services to match the dynamic and changing needs of your business environment. This makes it possible for us to apply effective, results-proven solutions to your most demanding projects, and deliver them on time.

We work as a team with your staff, taking into consideration your concerns regarding costs, approaches and schedules. We listen carefully and then deliver bottom-line goals. And, to make certain your project receives the highest level of attention, you work with one our principals; not a junior project supervisor.

Powerful ideas, cost-effective solutions

We understand the technical, financial and regulatory challenges you face in today’s complicated business environment.

Our primary business mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to support your needs in the areas of: