Our focus is on building and maintaining your electrical generation, distribution, and mechanical infrastructure in these key areas:

Consulting and Planning

Engineered Solutions Group is a full service consulting firm that can take your project from evaluation stages through design, construction, start-up, and follow-on operational maintenance.

Project Management

Whether single or multiple projects, our professionals have evaluated and designed a wide range of generation, distribution and facility mechanical systems.


We direct the whole design-build process from selecting contractors, to preparing specifications and construction drawings; from right-of-way identification, field marking and procurement, to project management, equipment installation and final as-built documentation.

Automation Integration

Our design and technical staff provides support in all areas of system automation and integration from planning to design, to product specifications and installation, to programming and maintenance.

Start-up and Commissioning

Our startup and commissioning personnel coordinate with construction personnel, operations staff and equipment vendors to ensure that projects meet specifications and are delivered on time and within budget.

Testing and Maintenance

Our specialized team provides testing and maintenance on power system equipment and mechanical systems.

Transmission Design

ESG has decades of experience in designing transmission lines and structures in Alaska, Hawaii, the South Pacific, and the continental US. ESG has provided unique transmission designs for some of the harshest conditions that can be found for circuits up to 345 kV.

Distribution Design

ESG regularly performs line extension design, inspection, and closeout services for our utility clients. ESG staff are experienced in both underground and overhead distribution design, and work regularly with RUS and utility standards. EPS distribution line design engineers have experience in long span and mountainous region design and construction in severe and remote environments.

Substation Design

ESG has performed complete design for transmission, distribution, and generation substations, in Alaska and the South Pacific, for system voltage ranging from 230 kV to 12.5 kV. EPS has personnel with design experience up to 345 kV, with both air and GIS experience. EPS regularly does station design, including retrofitting and redesign of existing stations for industrial customers utilizing 5 kV class switchgear.

Right-of-Way Acquisition

ESG personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of federal, state, and municipal easements, permits, and right-of-way acquisition for electrical facilities. ESG can provide public comment services and participate in public forums for our clients.